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French refers to anything of or relating to France and may refer directly to the following articles: the French people the French language People named French The French, a band Samuel French Ltd French Kiss, a type of deep kiss where the kissers' tongues meet Fictional characters: Joseph French, a Detective Inspector appearing in several novels by Freeman Wills Crofts Giles French or "Mr. French" on the television series Family Affair, played by Sebastian Cabot See also French fries French in Action French horn French toast French dressing Pardon my French, a common euphemism used in the United States and United Kingdom French catheter scale French Defence, the name of a chess opening List of all pages beginning with "French" List of French phrases used by English speakers ???????Fransk FranzösischFrancésFrançais FrancésFranciaFrancese????????????? ?????FrenchFrancês

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