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Fornax (, ) is a southern constellation which was first introduced by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille under the name Fornax Chemica (Latin for chemical furnace), representing a small solid-fuel heater formerly used for heating chemical experiments.The Fornax Dwarf galaxy is in Fornax.The Hubble Ultra Deep Field is located within Fornax.At a meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society in Britain, a team from University of Queensland described 40 unknown "dwarf" galaxies in this constellation.They also described Fornax as being "on Earth's doorstep", because ? Fornacis is only about 46 light-years away.Follow-up observations with the Hubble Space Telescope and the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope revealed that Ultra Compact Dwarfs are much smaller than previously known dwarf galaxies, about 120 light-years across."Tens of millions of stars are squashed into what is a tiny volume by galaxy standards," the observatory said in a statement.The Fornax Cluster, a small cluster of g

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