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A foehn wind or föhn wind occurs when a deep layer of prevailing wind is forced over a mountain range (Orographic lifting). As the wind moves upslope, it expands and cools, causing water vapor to precipitate out. This dehydrated air then passes over the crest and begins to move downslope. As the wind descends to lower levels on the leeward side of the mountains, the air temperature increases adiabatically as it comes under greater atmospheric pressure creating strong, gusty, warm and dry winds. Föhn winds can raise temperatures by as much as 30°C (54°F) in just a matter of hours. Central Europe enjoys a warmer climate due to them. Effects Winds of this type are called "snow-eaters" for their ability to make snow melt (also sublimate) rapidly. This ability is based not only on high temperature, but also the low relative humidity of the air mass.Föhn winds are notorious among mountaineers in the Alps, especially those climbing the Eiger, for whom the winds add additional difficult

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