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Feldgrau (field grey) was the colour of the German Army field uniform from the late 1907 until 1945, as well as some post-war types of uniform of West German Bundeswehr and East German NVA armies.Farbmuster nach RAL7009, cited in Feldgrau It was also a term which was metaphorically used to refer to the German armies (the Imperial German Army and the army (Heer) component of the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht). The word means "field grey", and by World War I the colour was a light grey-green, though there is no specific colour, rather a range of colours from grey to brown. These were one of the first standardized uniforms in the world that suited an age in which firearms used smokeless powder. First were khaki uniforms of British Army (firstly 1885 troops stationed in India, then whole British army during Second Boer War). Formerly the Germans used a similar blue (Prussian blue) to the French.==Swedish usage==Sweden used a very similar colour for infantry uniforms, for example the grey m/192

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feldgrau
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