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A fathom is a unit of length in the Imperial system (and the derived U.S. customary units). The name derives from the Old English word fæðm meaning 'a pair of outstretched arms'.Oxford English Dictionary, second edition, 1989; Bosworth / Toller: An Anglis-Saxon Dictionary, 1921. http://beowulf.engl.uky.edu/cgi-bin/Bosworth-Toller/ebind2html3.cgi/bosworth?seq=285 In Middle English it was fathme. Its size varied slightly depending on its base definition, either based on a thousandth of an nautical mile or as a multiple of the imperial yard. There are 2 yards (6 feet) in a fathom.Encyclopædia Britannica eleventh edition 1911. International Fathom One fathom is equal to: 1.8288 metres (1 metre is about 0.5468 fathoms) 2 yards (1 yard is exactly 0.5 fathoms) 4 cubits (1 cubit is exactly 0.25 fathoms) 6 feet (1 foot is about 0.1667 fathoms) 18 hands 72 inches In 1954 the United States and countries of the Commonwealth of Nations defined the length of the international yar

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fathom
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