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EvileYelivE are: - Black Demon (bass,drum,percussion,lead vocals) alias Evil, Michele Petruzzelli; - Schultz (lead guitar,bass,vocals,other instruments and sounds) alias eYe, Andrea Savant; - Dikdust (rhytmic guitar,bass,vocals) alias livE, Antonio Alessio Di Pinto. BeYeography A "bloody" separaton in july 2007 take down the "cellar" band "Wolf Mood" and from the ashes of them a new but still "cellar" band is growing up. Our name is EvileYelivE (or evil eye live but not evil eye "live" played by malmsteen and others)and our music is a mix of what we like even if sometimes is unmixable.. In the beginnig we were a doom band, now.. dunno. We try to do the best as we can and here you can see our progress and the results....
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