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The name Evelyn, meaning "little bird," is derived from the French name "Aveline" of the same meaning. Additionally, it can be traced back to the Germanic Ava (possibly meaning "desired"[1]) and the Latin avis ("bird").Other possible sources are the Hebrew word meaning "light," or the Celtic meaning "life" or "life-giving".Variants include Evylen, Evelyne, Evelynne, Evelina, Evelin and Eveline.Evelyn is also used as a family name. People with this family name include: John Evelyn (1620?1706), English writer, gardener and diarist. Evelyn in other uses: Evelyn High School, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (formerly: Rhodesia). Evelyn, a 2002 film starring Sophie Vavasseur and Pierce Brosnan. Evelyn College for Women, the former women's college of Princeton University in New Jersey. Hurricane Evelyn, fifth hurricane of the 1977 Atlantic hurricane season. Mount Evelyn, a suburb on the eastern outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Women named Evelyn include: Evelyn Ashford (born 1957), Am

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evelyn
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