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In Greek mythology, there were two people named Evadne. A daughter of Poseidon and mother of Iamus by Apollo. She was ashamed of her pregnancy and exposed the child to the elements. He survived and founded the Iamidae, a family of priests from Olympia. A daughter of Iphis and wife of Capaneus, with whom she gave birth to Sthenelus. Her husband was killed by a lightning bolt at the siege of Thebes and she threw herself on his funeral pyre and died. (Virgil VI, 447.) In popular culture In the 1970s Wonder Woman television series Wonder Woman was shown to have had a cousin named Evadne played by actress Dorrie Thomson who competed in the Contest for the title to become Wonder Woman. Greek mythologyOffspring of PoseidonEvadneEuadneEvadne

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evadne
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