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The Eternal Peace Treaty of 1686 (Polish: Pokój wieczysty or Pokój Grzymu?towskiego, Russian: ?????? ???, ) was a treaty between Russia and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, signed by Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth envoys: voivod of Pozna? Krzysztof Grzymu?towski and chancellor (kanclerz) of Lithuania Marcjan Ogi?ski and Russian knyaz Vasily Golitsyn on May 6 1686 in Moscow. It confirmed the earlier Treaty of Andrusovo of 1667. It consisted of a preamble and 33 articles. The treaty secured Russia's possession of the Left-bank Ukraine, Zaporozh'ye, Seversk lands, cities of Chernihiv, Starodub, Smolensk and its outskirts, while Poland retained Right-bank Ukraine. Both parties agreed not to sign a separate treaty with the Turkish sultan. By signing this treaty, Russia became a member of the anti-Turkish coalition, which comprised Poland, the Holy Roman Empire and Venice. Russia pledged to organize a military campaign against the Crimean Khanate. The treaty was a major success for Russian

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