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The abbreviation etc may stand for: et cetera, a Latin expression meaning "and other things" or "and so on" /etc, a computer directory found in unix(-like) operating systems ETC may also refer to: Cadillac Eldorado A large luxury coupe made by Cadillac from 1953 to 2002. In its later years it used the name ETC Electronic toll collection, a system for management of roadway access fees Electronic throttle control Electronic Theatre Controls, a company that makes lighting, controls, and other electrical systems for theatres Eastern tent caterpillar Electron transport chain in mitochondria responsible for creating a proton gradient that allows the formation of ATP Electronic Trade Confirmation, a type of financial transaction Chief Electronics Technician, a senior enlisted rating in the US Navy and US Coast Guard A type of ATM card service by HSBC and Hang Seng Bank in China Electrothermal-Chemical technology, a military research project involving tank projectiles ETC Ent

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