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Esotericism refers to the doctrines or practices of esoteric knowledge, or otherwise the quality or state of being described as esoteric, or obscure. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary : esotericism Esoteric knowledge is that which is specialized or advanced in nature, available only to a narrow circle of "enlightened", "initiated", or highly educated people. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary : esoteric Items pertaining to esotericism may be known as esoterica. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary : esoterica Some interpretations of esotericism are very broad and include even unconventional and non-scientific belief systems, typically as contrasted with the "scientific" or "traditional religious" beliefs of the society without or "at large". In contrast, exoteric knowledge is knowledge that is well-known or public; or perceived as informally canonic in society at large. Etymology Esoteric is an adjective originating in Greece; it comes from the Greek es├┤terikos, from es├┤tero, the c

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