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Esoteria is a computer game developed by Mobeus Designs, Inc published in 1998 by Kirin Entertainment.It runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system.The main features of the game include: Seamless 3D environment. 2nd person perspective view. Advanced enemy artificial intelligence (AI) Interactive, dynamic sound track. Support for 3dfx Voodoo 3D graphics cards. Story Esoteria is the name of a star system, the 3rd planet of which is where the game is set.Raven is the name of a secret military project to create a cyberneticly enhanced super-soldier. The aims of the Raven's military creators are of questionable morality, and Raven ultimately turns against them. Gameplay The player assumes the identity of Raven in the quest to defeat his military creators.Raven's primary weapon is the arm-mounted ARC blade which is used for close attack or to fire bolts of energy at a distance. Holding the fire button charges up the ARC blade, allowing multiple projectiles to fire in a

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