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Erocktica Biography

Erocktica is an American rock band which describes itself as An Anti-Censorship Erotic Theatrical Musical Free Expression Rock Extravaganza. History Erocktica was originally named Porn Rock when formed in New York City in 2000 by front woman Pink Snow. The band performed their first full live show in 2000 at the legendary East Village club CBGBs. From there they built a loyal following in the United States from Boston to Miami and New York to Los Angeles. They were contacted by the Bold Brothers interested in bringing the band to Europe though there was initial concern regarding the band name. The Bold Brothers uncertain of the extent of the show suggested the name be softened fearing European audiences would expect a more graphic show from a band called Porn Rock then an American audience would. The band decided that they would rename the band to Erocktica for performances in Europe while they continued to tour the United States as Porn Rock. In Summer, 2002, with their newly re

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