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Ereb Altor is a supplement to the swedishrole-playing game Drakar och Demoner containing information about the original campaign world. It was first published in 1989 by Äventyrsspel as a box containing four G5-format books (, , and ) and an A2 size four color map. In 1994 it was published as a single book. Development Originally had a developed fantasy theme, but lacked a defined campaign world, a common setting usable by all who bought the game. All released products, such as adventures and supplements, took place in areas created by the authors for that particular book. A few articles on partial settings or background stories usable in the game was published in the magazine Sinkadus, published by .The idea was to combine all the fragments into a single world and publish it in the 1987 supplement Gigant. As work progressed it soon became apparent that it would be too large to fit within Gigant.The first map of the new world was published in Äventyrsspel's magazine Sinkadus #10

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