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Common Era, also known as Christian Era and Current Era,Dictionaries: Common Era abbreviated CE,Dictionaries: CE "ce" ? WP editorial note: the source does not mention any suffix like " CE" for entry "ce" as shown for entry "c.e.". is a designation for the period of time beginning with year 1 of the Gregorian calendar. An earlier date is then designated BCE, described as "Before the Common or Current Era".Dictionaries: BCE "bce" ? WP editorial note: the source does not mention any suffix like " BCE" for entry "bce" as shown for entry "b.c.e.". The numbering of years is identical to the numbering in the Anno Domini system, neither system using a year zero.Two separate systems that also do not use religious titles, the astronomical system and the ISO 8601 standard do use a year zero. The year 1 BCE (identical to the year 1 BC) is represented as 0 in the astronomical system, and as 0000 in ISO 8601.The only difference between "BC/AD" and "BCE/CE" is that the te

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