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Depending on context, epoch can refer to: Period of time a distinctive historical period or era a unit of the geologic time scale, less than a period and greater than an age a phase in the development of the universe with distinctive properties a religion Moment in time An Epoch signifies a significant event, time, or moment which is chosen as a new origin for time measurements, usually as the delimiting factor of an era: References to such may include Epochal date, Epochal event, Epochal moment as covered in the main article 'epoch . epoch , and Epochal moment regard a precise moment in time for which celestial coordinates or orbital elements are specified. Time benchmark in Computing a step in the training process of an artificial neural network. Unix epoch Proper noun Epoch , The award-winning literary magazine of Cornell University. Epoch , a science fiction film directed by Matt Codd The sequel Epoch: Evolution The Epoch Game Pocket

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epoch
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