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Empyema Biography

| Image = | Caption = | DiseasesDB = 4200 | ICD10 = | ICD9 = | MedlinePlus = 000123 | eMedicineSubj = med | eMedicineTopic = 659 | MeshID = D016724 }}An empyema is a collection of pus within a naturally existing anatomical cavity. It must be differentiated from an abscess, which is a collection of pus in a newly formed cavity. In human medicine, empyema occurs most frequently in the pleural cavity (see below). Other common locations for empyemas are the uterus (pyometra) and the appendix (appendicitis) Pleural space empyema This condition is also known as a pyothorax or purulent pleuritis. Most pleural space empyemas arise from an infection within the lung (pneumonia), often associated with parapneumonic effusions. There are 3 stages: exudative, fibrinopurulent and organizing. In the exudative stage, the pus accumulates. This is followed by the fibrinopurulent stage in which there is loculation of the pleural fluid (the creation

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMPYEMA
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