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Elsa Lila Biography

Elsa Lila (born 1981, in Tirana, Albania) is an Albanian singer. Early life Elsa Lila was born in Tirana, Albania. Her father was a singer of the former Albanian state choir, while her mother was a violinist, so both parents, raised her on theatre, and music, giving her a great love for the arts. Elsa had shown her singing and acting talents ever since childhood in Albanian state television shows and had won the Albanian national song contest 2 years in a row while in her teens. Awards In 1996, at age 15, Elsa won the Albanian national song contest, and won the Albanian public award through televoting. In 1997 she repeated herself, and won the Albanian national song contest, and public award. In 1998, she was noticed by all of Europe when she won Albania the Varna international song contest in Bulgaria, where 14 other countries participated. In the same year she had represented her country in Lisboa Expo 98, holding a concert. In 1999, at only 18 years old, Lila was elected "Albani

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elsa Lila
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