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Eleanor is a feminine given name. It is also sometimes spelt Elinor or Eleanore.The first known bearer of the name was Eleanor of Aquitaine. She was named after her mother, Ænor de Châtellerault, and called "Aliénor", (from "Alia-Aenor"), which means "other-Aenor" in the langue d'oc (Occitan language), it became "Eléanor" in the northern Langue d'oïl and in English. Therefore the meaning of the name is sometimes given as "The Other".The meaning of the name Aenor however is still unknown.In English the name is sometimes connected to Elena, Ellen or Elaine (->Helen, Helene) as well. It could be connected to the Greek eleos meaning "compassion" as well.In medieval Arabic the similar sounding name "Allahu Nuri" (Allahu Nooree) means "God is my light". The modern version is Nurullah (Noorullah) which means "light of God".The similar Hebrew name Eliora is a feminine form of Elior, meaning "my God is light".More recently J. R. R. Tolkien created an alternative meaning for this name usi

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eleanor
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