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Edoardo Bennato Biography

Edoardo Bennato (July 23, 1949) is an Italian singer-songwriter. He is the brother of the singer-songwriter Eugenio Bennato. Biography Edoardo Bennato began his music career in the early Sixties (the first single was published on 1966) as one of the most creative and innovative songwriters of his time. His music distinguished itself for being an imaginative blend of blues, rock'n'roll, folk influences and even hints of opera.After his first album Non farti cadere le braccia ("Don't lose heart", 1973), where he was still finding his way between tradition and innovation, Bennato decidedly chose the latter, many of his songs being performed by himself as a one-man band, with a 12-string acoustic guitar, harmonica, kazoo and foot-drum.During this early period, Bennato's lyrics were characterised by biting satire and irony, often addressed at the establishment and those self-proclaimed as "the good". His second album, I buoni e i cattivi ("The good and the bad", 1974), was an attack

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edoardo Bennato
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Edoardo Bennato
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