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Edgecrusher Biography

}}Obsolete is the third full-length album released by Fear Factory on July 28, 1998. The album drops the Death Metal style featured on Soul of a New Machine and Demanufacture. The album is also considered a sequel to Demanufacture, the band's second full-length release. It is also their third studio release as Remanufacture is a remix album.This album is the band's most popular to date. It was certified Gold in Australia by ARIA and also in the US by RIAA. It was once called "the heaviest album of 1998" by MTV. Concept A concept story is contained within the music. The story is about the future of mankind and how machines have taken over humanity. This was inspired by the band's belief that humanity has become too reliant on technology. However, a hero named Edgecrusher sets out to destroy the machines and save humanity. The story of Obsolete was inspired by books like The Boys from Brazil, Brave New World, and 1984. Track listing "Shock" (Bell/Cazares/Herrera/Wolbers) ? 4:58 "Ed

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgecrusher
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United Metal Fest vol. III
Klub Mechanik -  Warszawa