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'Ecocide' is a neologism for 'ecological suicide' -- a process whereby an organism destroys ('kills') its natural environment, either intentionally or unintentionally by its own actions. Many environmental activists believe that the human species is committing ecocide, via industrial civilization's effects on the global environment. Much of the modern environmental movement stems from this belief as a precept. Critics of the belief in ecocide usually assert that human impacts are not sufficiently bad as to threaten the earth's ability to support human life.A weaker definition of 'ecocide' is that in which an organism destroys ecosystems other than its own. For example, it could be said that during the Precambrian era, blue-green algae committed ecocide upon the prevailing reducing-chemistry-based ecology, by releasing oxygen into the environment. Organisms to which oxygen was a poison, died off, while the algae and other organisms adapted to and created a new oxidation-chemistry-ba

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