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Drift is a slow change and may refer specifically to:In the literal sense of a change in position of a body: Drifting , which is a sport where drivers intentionally induce oversteer, to be judged on their technique. Drift , which in railroading is the cutting off of power and using inertia alone to maintain forward movement. The condition where a motor vehicle's rear wheels slip at a greater angle than the front wheels; see oversteer. Intentional use of oversteer for faster cornering in low road surface traction conditions; see Opposite lock Ice drift: drift of sea ice Snow drift: a deposit of snow created by the wind In science and technology: Drift : the variation of speech. Drift : the slow long-term variation of an attribute or value of a system or device. In plasma physics, drift is the motion of the guiding center of a particle. Drift mining: a nearly horizontal underground tunnel. Drift : rock debris transported and deposited by or from ice, especially by o

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drift
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