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A draugr (original Old Norse plural draugar, as used here, not draugrs), draug or draugen (Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, meaning the draug) is a corporeal undead from Norse mythology. The original norse meaning of the word is ghost, and on older literature one will find clear distinctions between Sea-draug and land-draug. Draugar were believed to live in the graves of dead Vikings, being the body of the dead.Views differed on whether the personality and soul of the dead person lingered in the draugr. As the grave of important men often contained a good amount of wealth, the draugr jealously guarded his treasures, even after death. Traits All draugar possess superhuman strength, the ability to increase their size at will and the unmistakable stench of decay. They were also noted for the ability to rise from the grave as wisps of smoke. The draugar slew their victims through various methods including crushing them with their enlarged forms, devouring their flesh, and drinking their bl

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draugen
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