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Draft or draught may mean: Draft , a stream of air of constant direction and (when induced mechanically) constant speed. Draft , the incoming flow of air of a Boiler or engine Draft , an order for the payment of money Draft , the vertical distance from the bottom of a hull to the waterline at the lowest part of a ship or boat Draft , an attempt to persuade a political candidate to enter an election Draft , the degree of curvature in a horizontal cross-section in sailing Draft , a system for allocating players among teams Draft , to move a liquid from below the intake of a suction pump Draughts (or checkers), a popular board game The Draft , a rock band from Florida. The Draft was a comic book in the New Universe imprint of Marvel Comics The draft, a synonym for conscription, especially conscription in the United States relating to the military or military service Drafting (but not draughting) can mean: Drafting, technical drawing and engineering drawing in en

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft
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