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Dominion III is an Austrian industrial music band created in 1998. History The band was started by Tharen (real name unknown) in 1998 shortly after his other band, Dargaard, released their debut. Dominion III (also known as Dominion³ but this name is no longer used) was his expression into heavier industrial music to express his feelings. As with Dargaard, it also features the vocals of Elisabeth Toriser.Tharen dubbed the music apocalyptic electronic music with their debut release "The Hand and the Sword". The music was very expressive and heavy, and dealt with dark and angry themes. Tharen's music often displays traits of this, coming from a black metal background. The band was signed to Napalm Records as were Tharen's other musical projects.The second release came two years after "The Hand and the Sword", titled "Life Has Ended Here". The music displayed a more industrial edge and was far more guitar-driven. This was because of the addition to the line-up of Jörg Lanz, who was

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