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Disillusion Biography

Disillusion is a German metal band who play a unique combination of black, death, progressive, symphonic, thrash, and more recently industrial metal. Line-up Current Line-up Vurtox (Andy Schmidt) - vocals/death vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards (1994?present) Rajk Barthel - guitar (1999?present) Alex Sasch Tscholakov - drums 1997??, 2007?present) Alla Fedynitch - bass guitar (live only, 2007?present) Past members Tobias Spier - vocals, guitar (1994?1997) Alex Motz - drums (1994?2000) Clemens - drums (2007) Markus Espenhain - bass guitar (1994?1996) Jan Stölzel - keyboard (1994?1997) Jörg Heinze - guitar (2000) Ralf Willis - bass guitar (2005) Jens Maluschka - drums (2000?2007) Shya Hely - backing vocals (2005) Discography Studio albums Back to Times of Splendor (2004) Gloria (2006) Demos and EPs Rehearsal (1995) (demo) Subspace Insanity (1996) (demo) Red (1997) (demo) Three Neuron Kings (2001) (EP) Singles The Porter (200

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disillusion
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    Nessun brano in archivio per l'artista

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