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Disciple Biography

A disciple is a follower and student of a mentor, teacher, or other wise figure. It can refer to:In religion: Disciple , a follower of Jesus Christ The Twelve Apostles, sometimes referred to as "The Disciples" The Seventy Disciples Christian Church , a denomination Sravaka (Sanskrit) or savaka (Pali), disciples in Buddhism and Jainism ?ishya, the disciple in the Guru-shishya tradition of Hinduism In music: Disciple , a Christian hard rock band xDisciplex A.D., a Christian hardcore punk band The Disciples , a London reggae band "Disciple", a song by Raven from their 1991 album Architect of Fear "Disciple", a song by Slayer on the album God Hates Us All Disciple can also refer to: Sacred Lands and its sequel Dark Prophecy, computer fantasy strategy games made by Strategy First. The Disciples , a 1993 novel by Joe Andrew The Disciples , a team of demon hunters in the Demonata series of fantasy novels by Darren Shan See also Apostle

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disciple
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Disciple Old Events

Nosturi -  Helsinki
The Shelter -  Detroit
Skully's -  Columbus

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