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Dionisia Biography

Dionisia is a genus of parasitic protozoa belonging to the phylum Apicomplexia.The type species of this genus is Dionisia bunoi. Description The genus was described by Landau et al in 1980. Landau I., Chabaud A.G., Miltgen F., Baccam D. (1980) Dionisia bunoi n. g. n. sp., Haemoproteidae parasite of the microchiropteran bat Hipposideros cyclops in Gabon. 55(3):271-280 The gametocytes are sexually dimorphic with the macrogametocytes being of the 'falciparum' type and the microgametocyte of the 'malariae' type.The schizonts develop in the lumen of the liver blood vessels inside a greatly hypertrophied host cell. They remain moderate in size and their cytoplasm is not intensely basophilic as is usually in the young stages of other mammalian Haemosporidia. Life cycle Host range The only known host of these parasites is the bat Hipposideros cyclops. Geographical location These parasites are found in Gabon, Africa. Pathology and effects on the host

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dionisia
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