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In the context of White Wolf Game Studio's vampire books and role-playing games from the World of Darkness, diablerie takes place when a vampire drinks not only all the blood of another vampire but also her/his soul, generally in order to increase his/her own powers. A vampire who engages in diablerie is known as a diablerist. Old World of Darkness In The Masquerade and related media, the strength of vampirical powers is often correlated with the vampire's generation, i. e. the generational distance between the original vampire Caine and the vampire, where Caine was the first generation, his childer were the second, etc. (in The Masquerade, the default generation for starting characters is the 13th). On each successive generation these powers become more and more diluted as a result of a curse set upon the Third Generation by Caine himself. By committing diablerie, a vampire can absorb those purer powers from a vampire of an earlier generation, effectively decreasing his/her own ge

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diablerie
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