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Deus Irae is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by Philip K. Dick and Roger Zelazny. It was published in 1976. Deus irae means God of wrath in Latin. The name is a play on Dies Irae, meaning Day of Wrath or Judgment Day.Dick began the book but realized he didn't know enough about Christianity to finish it, so he asked Zelazny to collaborate on it with him. It took the partnership twelve years to finish. Plot introduction After 1982, the world experienced a devastating nuclear war. Fallout and radiation has caused widespread mutations to human and animal populations alike. Akin to gnosticism, there is a new messianic religion. The members of this religion, Known as the Servants of Wrath, worship the creator and detonator of the war's ultimate weapon, Carleton Lufteufel (which means "flying devil" in German, ex-chairman of the Energy Research and Development Agency of the United States of America - ERDA/USA).In Charlotteville, there are ample debates between the Servants of

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