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Demonax () was a Cynic philosopher and teacher of Lucian of Samosata, who lived in Athens in the 2nd century. Life The only source we have for the life of Demonax is Lucian, who who describes Demonax in glowing terms, in contrast to the disreputable Cynics who Lucian hated.Lucian, Fugitivi, 16; De Morte Peregrini, 3.Demonax was born c. 70 AD,Dudley, D., A History Of Cynicism, page 159. Methuen. (1937) in Cyprus, where he belonged to an influential family.Lucian, Demonax, 3 He was led by a love of philosophy to become a philosopher. He was taught by the best philosophers of the day, including Agathobulus, Demetrius, and Epictetus. He eventually moved to Athens, where he seems initially to have offended the citizens,Lucian, Demonax, 11 but eventually he came to be regarded with reverence for his resolute character:To a natural impulse towards the good, an innate yearning for philosophy which manifested itself in childish years, that he owed his superiority to all the things that ordina

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