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Demolishor is the name of two different fictional characters in the various Transformers universes. Unicron Trilogy Demolishor is one of the earliest created Decepticons of the toyline; and in the storyline, also one of the first to come to Earth from his homeworld - the fictional planet Cybertron. In the Japanese series, Demolishor's name was Ironhide. Animated series Transformers: Armada left|thumb|Armada DemolishorDemolishor was a regular character in the show and one of Megatron's most loyal troops. He mostly acted as the muscle of the group, partnered with Starscream and Cyclonus to battle the Autobots. He played no major role in the series aside from acting as Megatron's favored military tactician, prior to Thrust's arrival. His Mini-Con partner is Blackout. Possibly his most important act during this period was to smash through the doors of the Decepticon base at one point to save Starscream from Megatron's wrath.In Episode 43 "Puppet" he was heavily damaged by Nemesis Pr

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