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The Death Army was a series of mobile suits in the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam. In the English translations of the series the name was changed to "Dark Army".When word of Tokyo being under attack reached Domon Kasshu and his partner Rain Mikamura they set out to investigate. When they arrived they found a city in ruin and were suddenly attacked by the mysterious yellow mobile suits belonging to the Death Army. They were rescued by Domon's old mentor Master Asia and lead to Shinjuku, where several holdouts and survivors of the Death Army attack were encamped. Almost all of Tokyo was over-run by hordes of Death Army mobile suits, and further investigation into their origin determined that they were spawned from the DG cells -tiny nanomachines that could self-evolve, self-repair, and assimilate living and non-living matter- of the Devil Gundam, which was hiding deep underground beneath the city and growing in power. Even more disturbing were the pilots of the Death Army; re-anima

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