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Dark Avenger Biography

Dark Avenger (also known as Eddie) was the pseudonym for a famous computer virus writer from Sofia, Bulgaria. Dark Avenger seemed to have a personal hatred for Vesselin Bontchev, a Bulgarian antivirus software writer. The feeling was apparently mutual. Once, he dedicated one of his viruses to Sarah Gordon.The Dark Avenger originally coded a family of viruses, which contained the strings Eddie lives...somewhere in time, Diana P. and This program was written in the city of Sofia (C) 1988-89 Dark Avenger which is where he received his nicknames from. The Dark Avenger virus was the first one reported to have originated from Bulgaria.The Dark Avenger is mostly famous for coding the most famous polymorphic engine ever, the Mutation Engine (MtE) (1988); MtE could be linked to the plain virus in order to generate polymorphic decryptors. He, however, did not invent polymorphism itself, since this had already been predicted by Fred Cohen, and later put into practice by Mark Washburn in his 1260

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark Avenger
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