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The Sinistrals are a group of four evil gods from the Lufia series of video games. Their base is the Fortress Of Doom but they usually do battle with the heroes atop the many towers of the world. The Sinistrals are Gades, Amon, Erim, and Daos. A fifth Sinistral, Arek the Absolute, appears briefly in Lufia II. Although his true nature is yet unrevealed, Arek seems to be little but an observer, watching from afar as the humans and Sinistral fight for dominance of the world. The Sinistrals Gades Gades is the Sinistral of Destruction. He has a tendency to gloat and talk condescendingly about the humans, stating that they are the most inferior race of all. He is the most obnoxious, impatient, and impetuous of the Sinistrals, always seeking to destroy a town, building, or anything at every chance he gets. Gades is all brawn and brute force.Gades' Special Moves Destructo-Wave (Lufia II) Devastation (Lufia II) Spiritual Force of Destruction (Lufia III) Destructo (Lufia III) Curse (Lufi

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DAOS
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