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.]]Dance (from French danser, perhaps from Frankish) generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, britannica used as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting.Dance is also used to describe methods of non-verbal communication (see body language) between humans or animals (bee dance, patterns of behaviour such as a mating dance), motion in inanimate objects (the leaves danced in the wind), and certain musical form or genre.Definitions of what constitutes dance are dependent on social, cultural, aesthetic, artistic and moral constraints and range from functional movement (such as folk dance) to virtuoso techniques such as ballet. In sports, gymnastics, figure skating and synchronized swimming are dance disciplines while martial arts kata are often compared to dances.Dance can be participatory, social or performed for an audience. It can also be ceremonial, competitive or erotic. Dance movements may be without

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