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A bequest is the act of giving property by will. Black's Law Dictionary 8th ed, (West Group, 2004) Strictly, "bequest" is used of personal property, and "devise" of real property. It means the same thing as bequeath in legal terminology.(From Old English becwethan, to declare or express in words; cf. "quoth") Interpreting bequests Part of the process of probate involves interpreting the instructions in a will. It means the same thing as bequeath in legal terminology.Some wordings that define the scope of a bequest have specific interpretations. "All the estate I own" would involve all of the decedent's possessions at the moment of death. Law Dictionary: all the estate I ownA conditional bequest is a bequest which will only be granted if a particular event has occurred by the time of its operation. For example, a testator might write in their will that "Mary will receive the house held in trust if she is married" or "...if she has children," etc.An executory bequest is a

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