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avalanche near Mount Everest.]]'s Kenai Fjords.]] This article refers to the natural event. For other uses, see Avalanche An avalanche is a flow of snow down a mountainside. Avalanches are among the biggest dangers in the mountains for both life and property.Many factors contribute to avalanches. Point-release avalanches occur when the weight of the snowpack exceeds the shear strength within it, and are most common on steeper terrain. In fresh, loose snow the release is usually at a point and the avalanche then gradually widens down the slope as more snow is entrained, usually forming a teardrop appearance. This is in contrast to a slab avalanche. Slab avalanches account for around 90% of avalanche-related fatalities, and occur when there is a strong, stiff layer of snow known as a slab. These are usually formed when snow is deposited by the wind on a lee slope. When the slab fails, the fracture, in a weak layer, very rapidly propagates so that a large area, that can be hundreds of

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avalanche
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