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Autopsy Torment ia a Swedish oldschool death metal band, formed in 1989. The band started as a solo band of Thomas Karlsson, Autopsy Torment's frontman and singer, with Onkel on guitars. In 1991, the band became a trio with Karl Vincent (Sexual Goatlicker) on drums and Daniel Nilssen on guitars with the demo "Darkest Rituals". Following this, there was a period of constant personnel changes, with Thomas Karlsson and Karl Vincent as the core members.In 1992, the band split up and Karlsson started black metal band Pagan Rites, later becoming the vocalist for the doom band Tristitia. In 1999, the 1991 line-up re-formed with the addition of The Demon on bass and they wrote the album Orgy With The Dead, released on Miriquidi Productions, and started writing the next album, Tormentorium. The band's lyrics are focused on murder, death and gore. Painkiller Records was the last label the band signed with before they took a break. Karlsson is still actively working with his own project, Devil Le

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