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Audiopain is a Norwegian thrash metal band, formed in 1996. Fenriz of Darkthrone has written the lyrics for Infuriation Scalp on the EP Revel In Desecration. Members Sverre Dæhli - guitars, vocals Bjarne - drums Petter Berntsen - bass Discography Studio Releases Contagious, 2000. EP 1986, 2000. EP Revel In Desecration, 2002. EP The Traumatizer, 2004 A Bombs View, 2007. EP The Switch to Turn off mankind, 2007 Split LAVA Dictatorship/Revel In Desecration, 2003. Split with Amok Mysticum/Audiopain, 2003. Split with Mysticum (Full_Moon_Productions) Überthrash, 2004. 4-way split with Infernö, Aura Noir and Nocturnal Breed. Überthrash II, 2005. 4-way split with Infernö, Aura Noir and Nocturnal Breed. The Inhumator/Speak When Spoken To, 2006. Split with Dead to this World. Horns Forward/The Enemy Abroad, 2007. Split with Thesyre. Norwegian musical groupsNorwegian heavy metal musical groupsMusical groups established in 1996Audiopain

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