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Atrax Morgue was the nom de plume of Italian noise musician Marco Corbelli. Many of Atrax Morgue's early material was released on cassette, as part of the industrial/noise 'cassette underground' of the early 1990s. Often these cassettes were released on Corbelli's own Slaughter Productions label, some of which have now been reissued on CD-R. Throughout the late '90s, Atrax Morgue released numerous CDs on prominent noise labels, such as Self Abuse Records, Release, Old Europa Cafe, RRRecords, Crowd Control Activities and Ars Benevola Mater.Corbelli committed suicide by hanging on May 6, 2007. Other details surrounding his death are unknown. Partial discography Black Slaughter (Cass) Slaughter Productions 1993 In Search Of Death (Cass) Slaughter Productions 1993 Necrosintesi (Cass) Slaughter Productions 1993 Collection In Formaldeide (Cass) Slaughter Productions 1994 Necrophiliac Experience (Cass) Slaughter Productions 1994 New York Ripper (Cass, S/Sided, C60)

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