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Atlantica was an ancient continent theorised to have formed about two billion years ago. About 200 million years later, it became part of the major supercontinent Columbia. 300 million years later, Columbia broke up; Atlantica became part of the minor supercontinent Nena, along with Baltica, Arctica, and the East Antarctic craton. 1.1 billion years ago, or 400 million years after the break up of Columbia, the supercontinent Nena (which included Atlantica) became part of the major supercontinent Pannotia.In the Cambrian era, Pannotia disintegrated, leaving Atlantica in the minor supercontinent Gondwana. Gondwana then became part of the major supercontinent Pangaea in the Permian, and then broke apart in the Jurassic. Gondwana fragmented in the Cretaceous, splitting the remains of Atlantica into the modern continents of Africa and South America.

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