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Atland, or Aldland as it is sometimes spelt, is the name applied to Atlantis by the Oera Linda Book. Said to have been destroyed in a conflagration of nature in 2194 BCE, it was allegedly located in what is now the North Sea. All dates in the Oera Linda Book are reckoned from this event. Note: some early researchers gave the year as 2193 BCE, but this is based on an erroneous calculation that assumes the existence of a 'Year Zero' between 1 BCE and 1 CE, which does not in fact exist.If Atland has any basis in reality, then it almost certainly refers to the Dogger Bank, a large expanse of extremely shallow ground in the middle of the North Sea.Atland is also the Swedish title of Olof Rudbeck's book that came out in several volumes, starting in 1679. The Latin parallel title is Atlantica, and the subtitle of both is Manheim, i.e. the 'home of mankind'. Atland means 'fatherland', and it was the original name of Atlantis according to Rudbeck.Atland is also the name of a webcomic by Nate Pi

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