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' fifth-century original that stood on the Acropolis]]In Greek mythology, Athena (Attic: , Ath?nâ, or , Ath?n?; Doric: , Asána; Latin: Minerva) is the shrewd companion of heroes and the Goddess of heroic endeavour. Overview Athena's cult seems to have existed from very early times as the patron of Athens and was so persistent that myths about her were rewritten often to adapt to cultural changes over the multiple eras of Ancient Greek traditions. The Greek philosopher, Plato (429-347 B.C.E.), identified her with the Libyan deity Neith who was the war-goddess and huntress deity of the Egyptians since the ancient predynastic period. She also would come to be known as the goddess of wisdom as philosophy became applied to cult in the later fifth century.Walter Burkert, Greek Religion 1985:VII "Philosophical Religion" treats these transformations. She was the patroness of weaving especially, and other crafts (Athena Ergane) and the more disciplined side of war, where she led the battle

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