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Astrosoniq (sometimes spelled A5tro5oniq) is a band from Oss, the Netherlands. Also known as the "wizards of Oss." They could be variously categorized as space rock, psychedelic rock, or stoner rock -- or all three.All their album covers feature hair growing out of skin. Sometimes a woman, sometimes a man, sometimes a circle of flesh surrounded by hair. [1] Musical style Their musical style is characterized by extremely psychedelic guitar riffs which always push the boundaries of normal rock. They take Earth's music, put it in a spaceship, and fly it around the galaxy, into black holes, and inside the sun. The result is stoner music with an incredible space flavor. Every song is distinctly catchy and pleasant to the ear. "Astrosoniq knows no musical bounds, and there's no sonic trip too far out for them."[2]"Astrosoniq is characterized by Marcel's massive swinging drumbeats, Erik's detailed, pounding bass lines, (ba)ron's power riffs and fine, sometimes outrageous solos and Fred & Er

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