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, a C-type asteroid.]]Asteroids, also called minor planets or planetoids, are a class of astronomical objects. The term asteroid is generally used to indicate a diverse group of small celestial bodies in the solar system that orbit around the Sun. 'Asteroid' (Greek for "star-like") is the most commonly used word in the English literature for minor planets, which has been the term preferred by the International Astronomical Union; some other languages prefer planetoid (Greek: "planet-like"), because it more or less describes what they are. In late August 2006, the IAU introduced the term "small solar system bodies" (SSSB), which includes most objects thus far classified as minor planets, as well as comets. At the same time they introduced the term 'dwarf planet' for the largest minor planets. This article deals specifically with the minor planets that orbit in the inner solar system (roughly up to the orbit of Jupiter). For information on other types of objects, such as comets, Trans-

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