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An artifact or artefact (see also spelling differences) is: A human-made object, such as a tool, weapon or ornament, especially those of archaeological or historical interest. A human-made object that is a prototype or standard of measurement. A structure or feature, visible only as a result of external action or experimental error. Also known as disturbance in biopotential signals. Artefact is a fulltext information retrieval system capable of searching through databases containing documents written in a natural language Artifact may also refer to: Artifact , any object made or modified by a human culture, and later recovered by an archaeological endeavor Artifact, an online multiplayer video game Artifact , in the fantasy genre, is usually a magical object so powerful that it cannot be duplicated or destroyed by ordinary means Artifact , misrepresentations of tissue structures seen in medical images Artifact , any perceived distortion or other data error caused by the instrum

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