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The Ars amatoria (Latin: 'Art of Love') is a poem in three books by the Roman poet Ovid. It claims to provide teaching in three areas of general preoccupation: how and where to find girls (and husbands) in Rome, how to seduce them, and how to prevent others from stealing them. Publication history After a first publication (around 1 BC) of two of the books, Ovid wrote the third dealing with the same themes from the female perspective at a later date (c. AD 1). Genre and tradition The Ars amatoria is, on one of its many levels, a burlesque satire on didactic poetry. While claiming 'Aeacidae Chiron, ego sum praeceptor Amoris'Ov, Ars am. 1,17 ('As Chiron was to Achilles, so I am to Cupid' - in other words, 'I taught Cupid everything he knows'), Ovid hardly offers lore of great potency to his eager disciples. He advises that, if one is accompanying a lady to the horse-racing in the Circus Maximus, one should gallantly brush the dust from her gown. And if there isn't any dust there, brus

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