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Arendia is the country of the people of the god Chaldan in the David Eddings book series The Belgariad and The Malloreon. It consists of two duchies, Mimbre and Asturia, though there used to be two more as well: Wacune and Erat. The war of the three duchies? is one of the darkest periods of Arendish history. The only thing that united the kingdom was the annihilation of Vo Wacune by the Asturians in 2943, and the later destruction of Vo Astur by the Mimbrates in 3793, resulting in the Mimbrate-dominated monarchy being sovereign over Arendia.The nation is a kingdom with the throne jointly held by the king and queen, who are also the duke of Mimbre and the duchess of Asturia. Due to the delicate political balance, the king and queen give up their given names to rule as Korodullin and Mayaserana, the names of the first Arendish monarchs, in order to promote greater unity. There has also been an excessive degree of inbreeding to preserve the familial ties. Though technically these tw

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